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We offer a full English breakfast with all the trimmings in our attractive guest dining-room.

There also are various restaurants within a couple of minutes walking distance from Swallows Nest Country Cottages with local and international menus.



Spoil Yourself

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We can arrange for an in-house massage from a professional massage therapist to relax and unwind. Swedish,Indian Head Massage and Pressure Point Massage is part of the service on offer. Ask us for detail.



Our surrounding area

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Ideal for nature lovers and bird watchers, the Tsitsikamma is a wonderland for all and offers a variety of activities to keep guests entertained. Closely situated to the Tsitsikamma National Park with its breathtaking scenery, trails, enjoy a walk to the Suspension Bridge, the Stone Age Cave or take a short boat trip up the Storms River Gorge and along the rugged untamed Tsitsikamma coast or enjoy peaceful walks in the unspoilt Tsitsikamma Forests, many forest and fynbos trails surround us.

Also, for the more adventurous, there are unusual activities such as The TreeTop Canopy Tours, Blackwater Tubing, Segways, Tsitsikamma Falls Zipline, the world’s highest Bungy Jump off the Bloukrans Bridge or enjoy the Eezi mountain biking, Segways Tours or forest horse rides through the beautiful Tsitsikamma Forests, the attractions are many! Also, within a short travelling distance, you will find the Craggs Elephant Sanctuary, Monkeyland, Birds of Eden, Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre and the Mohair Factory, all of which are well-worth a visit.


The History of the Tsitsikamma

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The History of the Tsitsikamma - “TSITSIKAMMA” or “TZITZIKAMMA” is a Koi or Nama word meaning “place of abundant water”.The Tsitsikamma is the last remaining area of indigenous forest in the Southern Cape and is home to a wealth of indigenous plants and animals.

Over utilization of the forest for timber and a devastating fire in 1867 prompted the need to protect the area and in 1870 forest conservation began using Witels as the base. State forests were demarcated as early as 1890 and a start was made at planting fast growing exotic trees such as Pine and Blue gum to supplement timber supplies for industry. Thousands of woodcutters living in the area also created a socio-economic problem which necessitated additional plantations in order to provide a living for them. In order to regulate the industry all woodcutters had to register in 1914.

For 162 years the forest provided a major source of timber especially for the railways. Yellowwood sleepers were shipped from the STORMS RIVER MOUTH and the remains of this activity can still be seen in the National Park.

In 1967 a comprehensive system of conservation was started and the Department of Forestry and the National Parks Boards have since implemented an active conservation programme in the area.

The saw mills that were built to utilize the Pine and Gum plantations still play a major role in the socio-economic development of this area. In addition, the region has developed into one of the major milk producing areas in the country.

Storms River Village stemmed from a shooting box built by Lt TH Duthie in 1841, then developed into a construction camp for the road builders and was declared a crown village in 1885. The village is the ‘hub’ of the region offering a police station, supermarket, liquor store, various restaurants and coffee shops and a choice of accommodation options.


Attractions and Activities

swallows nest country cottages activities

Tsitsikamma National Park – The Tsitsikamma Section of the Garden Route National Park encompasses a marine reserve made up of over 80 km of coastline. The Storms River Mouth section is very scenic and not to be missed, it offers a number of short trails (2 – 6 km), magnificent scenery, a small beach, restaurant and shop. The Storms River Suspension Bridge crosses the river mouth.


Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours – An experience you will never forget! High up in the indigenous forests of the Tsitsikamma 10 slides gently glide you along with 10 platforms providing unbelievable views. Phone 042 281 1836 – www.treetoptour.com.

Black Water Tubing –Tube ride on the Storms River – Phone 042 281 1757 – www.tubenaxe.co.za.

Woodcutter’s Journey – Journey down the old Storms River Pass on an open vehicle whilst enjoying the forest and magnificent views as one descends down to the Storms River. Refreshment are served at a picnic site before the return journey. Phone042 281 1701 – www.stormsriver.com.

Mountain Biking in the Tsitsikamma –Mountain bike hire and permits – 26 km scenic cycle route to the viewpoint which overlooks the Storms River Mouth – Phone 081 320 3977 – www.eezibikes.com

Tsitsikamma Segway Tours - Guided 1 to 2 hour guided tours through Storms River Village and to the Big Tree on a Segway Personal Transporter. Training included – Phone 081 320 3977 – www.segwaytours.co.za.

Eezi Bikes –For a less active ride Eezi Bikes can be rented and are battery operated – Phone 081 320 3977 – www.eezibikes.com.

Tsitsikamma Falls Adventure – Spectacular and awesome, the Waterfall Zipline Tour offers 2 hours of adventure as you criss-cross the river on a slide system, the longest slide being 211 m, set above the Elands River. Phone 042 280 3770 – www.tsitsikammaadventure.co.za.

Tsitsikamma Falls Abseiling – Enjoy a 36 metre Abseil/Rappel info a fern covered cove – Phone 042 280 3770 – www.tsitsikammaadventures.co.za.

Untouched Adventures - Explore the magnificent Storms River Gorge - Kayak &Lilo, Scuba and Snorkel at the Storms River Mouth – Phone 073 130 0689 – www.untouchedadventures.com.

Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary – An unique experience of viewing rescued wolves in a semi-free environment. Phone 082 774 6274 – www.wolfsa.org.

BloukransBungy- The world’s highest bungy jump, 100% pure adrenalin! Phone 042 281 1458 – www.faceadrenalin.com.

Bridge Walking – The Bloukrans Bridge is an amazing feat of engineering, the Bridge Walking Tours allow you to walk on the catwalk below the road, onto the middle arch of the bridge accompanied by knowledgeable guides. Phone 042 281 1458 – www.faceadrenalin.com.

The Flying Fox – A thrilling 200 metre slide from the edge of the Bloukrans Gorge to the centre arch of this magnificent bridge. Phone 042 281 1458 – www.faceadrenalin.com.

The Fernery at Forest Ferns – The Fernery at Forest Ferns offers a magnificent display of indigenous ferns with a tea garden and restaurant as well as a nursery – www.forestferns.co.za.

Fynboshoek Cheese Farm –The Cheesemaker of the Tsitsikamma invites you to come and enjoy a lunch of the cheeses made on his farm. Relax on the terrace overlooking the dam whilst enjoying your meal. Phone 042 280 3503 – www.finebush.co.za.

Oudebosch Farm Stall – On the R102 to EersteRivier this farm stall serves as an info center, curio and coffee shop, as well as a petrol station and grocery store.

Bloukrans Bridge and Viewpoint –The 3rd largest single span bridge in the world. Opened in 1984, the Bloukrans Bridge is the highest concrete arch bridge in Africa and stands at a height of 216 m above the Bloukrans River, its central span is 272 m and the bridge is 451 m in length in total. The Bloukrans Bridge is home to the world’s highest commercial bungy jump.

The Paul Sauer Bridge – The Paul Sauer Bridge (also known as the Storms River Bridge) is a concrete arch bridge spanning the impressive Storms River Gorge and was completed in 1955. The arch spans 328 feet. There is a pedestrian walkway next to the bridge which offers views down into the gorge from both sides of the bridge.

Fynbos Golf Estate - 9 Hole golf course at Eersterivier – Phone 073 130 0689 – www.fynbosgolf.co.za.

Tsitsikamma Mountain Spa – Stress releasing therapies and beauty treatments in a peaceful and beautiful setting – Phone 042 281 1587.

Tsitsikamma Lodge – Spa – Phone 042 280 3802.

Petro Port – Curio Shop, Petrol, Supermarket, Take-Aways.


Walks and Trails

swallows nest country cottages hikes

Garden Route National Park – Suspension Bridge and Lookout Point, cross the beach and then follow the boardwalk allowing views of the sea, coast and river mouth – wellworth the effort; Spirit of Tsitsikamma boat cruises, enjoy a boat trip out to sea and along the coast or up the Storms River Mouth, Otter Trail, Waterfall Walk. The small beach is suitable or swimming. This also is the area to snorkel and scuba dives, equipment and tours are available - Phone 042 281 1607.

Otter Trail – A most popular trail - 5 days covering 46 km from Storms River Mouth to Nature’s Valley. To book contact SANParks on +27 (0) 12 428 9111.

The Tsitsikamma Trail – The Otter Trail in reverse starting at Nature’s Valley. Phone +27 (0) 44 874 4363 – www.mtoecotourism.co.za.

The Big Tree and Ratel Hiking Trails – A wooden boardwalk through indigenous forest leads to the +/- 800 years old Yellowwood Tree. The Ratel Nature Walk follows on from the Big Tree. The reserve has varied birdlife as well as elusive leopards and wild pigs.

GoesaWalk – Storms River Village– This 2 km walk starts at the SANParks Office.

Plaatbos Walks – Storms River Village – Three routes have been laid out between 5 and 8 km and all start at the SANParks Office.

Fynbos Trail – Storms River Village – This scenic trail is 1.8 km long and starts opposite the Info Centre.

The Dolphin Trail – a 21 km hiking trail along the Tsitsikamma Coast – For info go to: www.dolphintrail.co.za.

Captain Harrison Trail – Phone 042 280 3505 – www.elandsriver.co.za.

Tsitsikamma Guided Hikes – Discover the indigenous forest on foot – 042 281 1836.



swallows nest country cottages elephants

The following sanctuaries are situated within a 20 minute scenic drive from Swallows Nest Country Cottages:

Birds of Eden – the Garden Route’s world class free flight bird sanctuary. The 2 hectare dome spans over a gorge of indigenous forest. Phone 044 534 8906.

Monkeyland– You can see many species of monkeys, lemurs and apes on a guided tour in a forest were they are allowed to road free – Phone 044 534 8906

Elephant Sanctuary - Guest education and interaction, guests can walk trunk-in-hand, touch, feed and experience elephant back riding in a natural environment – Phone 044 534 8145.

Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre – Guided tours to meet Cheetah, African Wildcat, Black footed Cats, Serval, Caracal, Market and other endangered wildlife in a semi-natural environment – Phone 044 534 8170.

Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary – Guided hourly tours consisting of an indigenous Snake Pit, a Boomslang exhibit, a monitor Lizard enclosure, a dome housing South African and exotic snakes and a python room – Phone 044 534 8056.

Hog Hollow Horse Trails – Experience the Tsitsikamma on horseback, one hour meadow trail with wildlife, a two hour forest trail or a three hour Cruise The Craggs Trail. Back at the stables guests can enjoy refreshments on the lodge deck with views of surrounding forest and mountains – Phone Debbie 082 771 3745.

Nature’s Valley – an area of outstanding beauty, a good bird-watching area, forest, lagoon and sea. A beautiful sandy beach, there also is a shop and restaurant.

The Addo Elephant Park is within a reasonable driving distance from Swallows Nest Country Cottages. See these gentle giants up close.




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